Ein universeller Einrad Fahrradanhänger für Fahrradsäcke, Taschen oder anderes Gepäck. Da es auch ein Ersatzrad gibt, ist es perfekt für den Offroad- Einsatz. Aug. Der "Extrawheel-Anhänger", den polnische Fahrradenthusiasten entwickelt haben und nun nach langen Reisen und intensiven Test auf den. Juli Reiseanhänger mit Ersatzrad oder Ersatzrad mit Gepäckträger? Wie man den Extrawheel aus Polen auch betrachtet, er bietet immer einen. So soll es sein. Radtouren auf dem Subkontinent: Wie man den Extrawheel aus Polen auch betrachteter bietet immer einen Mehrwert. Radtouren auf dem Subkontinent: Der komplett mit Taschen nur 6,35 Kilo mt melsungen spieler Extrawheel kann mit jedem Fahrrad verbunden werden — mit beliebigem Raddurchmesser, Aufhängungssystem oder Bremsenart. Touren auf dem Europaradweg R1. Lotto.de ergebnise Feiertage lottopalace alles Gute für ! Video der Woche Vom Glück auf zwei Rädern. Wenn der Zugang zur Achse versperrt ist, ist es möglich, spezielle Gelenkmuttern neben the latter deutsch Achse einzusetzen, etwa dort, wo die Schutzblechstützen angeschraubt werden. Touren auf dem Europaradweg R1. Mit etwas Übung ist das Ankuppeln schnell erledigt. Manche Menschen fahren mit ihrem Rennradmit einem Crossrad oder dem Mountainbike. Like bet 10 on Facebook.

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Extrawheel 2013 Einen Wunschreifen realisiert die Firma jederzeit unbürokratisch. Wer solcherlei Problem zu lösen hat, freut sich über einen Anhänger , der dem Rad das Gepäck abnimmt. Touren auf dem Europaradweg R1. Sie vermissen die letzten News? Wenn der Zugang zur Achse versperrt ist, ist es möglich, spezielle Gelenkmuttern neben der Achse einzusetzen, etwa dort, wo die Schutzblechstützen angeschraubt werden. Extrawheel - sehr folgsam. Radelgenuss im Kitzinger Land. So soll es sein. Auf die Reise , fertig , los! Und nicht jeder , der sich auf weite und weniger weite Reisen mit dem Rad begibt , schafft sich dafür extra ein passend bestücktes und kräftiges Reiserad an. Im Einsatz vergisst man den Anhänger fast, weil er so unauffällig hinterherrollt.

I prefer to keep things simple wherever possible. Another happy Extrawheel Voyager owner here. Whilst I have not used mine in such adventurous tours as yours I have done over 3, km with it and I am very happy with its performance.

In hindsight I should have left the mudguard on the trailer to protect a layer of protection between whatever I had on the rack and the tyre.

I ended up putting a hole in my tent from it rubbing on the tyre. Would anyone who knows, tell me if the Extrawheel is aluminium or steel?

They seem to have left this important fact out of the specs. I would love to know more about how others have faired with the EWV.

I plan to modify my EWV. Certain situations touring have left me in need of a rear wheel repair, where as I have to grind my memory for a time when the front wheel left me in the lurch.

But truly, it is the lower center of gravity, and lighter weight that are calling me to ditch my BoB for the EWV.. All mine have been steel, so no problem with a welding torch!

I am very sorry to write negative comment on extrawheel voyager, briefly: I was laden by foodstuffs from Tesco. Netto weight of my shopping was Entire weight of trailer and shopping was cca Trailer got oscillation and broke away itself, simply disconected and fall an the road.

Strongly I do not recommend extrawheel, it is very hazardous trailer, It has outstanding, open its connecting system. Needs solve this problem.

I also encountered this phenomenon when I first began to use the trailer. I then learned how to pack the panniers properly and how to handle the bike with the trailer attached, and the fishtailing never happened again.

My suggestion would be to use the trailer for a little longer before passing judgement! I was considering the Extra Wheel to tow behing my full suspension mtb.

Since we got the BOB-Yak, it has worked faultlessly for about 25,kms with our only issues being rear-facing drop-outs, and an original tyre failure after 19,kms.

You say that you have not had a single warranty case in Australia — have any of your customers tried the trailer behind a tandem?

Also, you comment that your customers have used it on hardcore single trail journeys. Our product review mentions that on smooth tarmac, the wobble was at its worst, while on slightly rough ground such as a gravel trail the wobble would actually go away.

Over and over again, we tried so many things to stop it from wobbling and nothing worked. I was in direct contact with the manufacturers in Poland and they failed to come up with a solution.

Thanks for now, Keith. Our son did Perth to Broome. Know a lot of people that use tandems and Extrawheels. Your case is starting to intrigue me.

The damage of the frames is easily explained with the wobble. Constant load-shifts like that cause damage.

As you exchanged the frame and adjusted the tension of the fork it only leaves one other component to look at. You know the stability and dampening of the frame is solely handled by the fork.

Any manufacturing defect inside the spring steel not visible from the outside could cause the tension within the fork to be uneven.

Adding or loosening tension would not help because the non-symmetrical forces would always cause a dynamic response.

On tarmac your pedalling is more constant so you can easily trigger some natural frequency type of response the fork is essentially a spring.

On rough surface the fork experiences irregular forces in a constantly changing frequency so no amplification occurs. Our first big disappointment with the ExtraWheel was with the panniers and the way that they sagged when loaded owing to the rather useless plastic backplate in each pannier.

In this photo, you can see how the panniers sagged and we feared that the rivets on the backplates were going to rip through. So after kms of use during which we did experience a little bit of wobble from time to time we had the panniers modified with a nice strong piece of aluminium plate across the backplate to stop the sagging.

That modification fixed the sagging panniers, however by the time we completed kms the wobble in the trailer was causing serious problems, which continued to get worse over the next km.

We were trying different pedal strokes to stop the wobble. When we set off from a standstill, we would normally both lead with our right foot, so I tried it with Tamar leading left foot and me leading with my right, but the trailer still wobbled.

After kms the first trailer broke and one of the drop-outs sheared off. I agree fully with your comment about the wobble being the cause of the breakage as the wobble is exerting forces on the dropouts that they are not designed to contain, but with our first trailer failure, we initially chose to blame the obviously weak drop-out as being the cause of the wobble, so we sourced a new trailer frame from the manufacturers in Poland.

On this occasion, we received a replacement frame only. The replacement frame arrived with us, and we set off again.

From the very first kms, it would wobble a little every now and then. Communication with the manufacturers made us wonder if the fork has become damaged, so we then tried to source a new one of those and we removed lots of weight from the trailer by loading the kit onto the bike, sort of doing away with the whole point of having a trailer.

We were by then towing a trailer with minimal weight in it just to stop it from wobbling. Despite the light weight of the load, about kms later one of the drop-outs starts to break off and we then hadnto tow the trailer completely empty to a campsite where we had arranged to receive a replacement.

In discussion with the manufacturers, and trying to think of a possible cause, we asked for a new frame, a new fork, and new panniers — so the only part of our old kit that we were left with was our wheel, which we had built up to our specification with a rim that matched the rim on the back-wheel of our tandem.

A question regarding the tension on the fork — if too loose, the trailer will wobble, so it must be sufficiently tight, but can it be too tight?

And might too tight cause a wobble as well? Either way, I certainly adjusted the tension on the new fork, closely following the guidelines from the various sources on the web and from the manufacturers.

Within kms the new trailer had started to wobble again on smooth roads, and at that point we gave up trying to get it to work and ordered a Bob-Yak trailer to be delivered to us.

We travelled a further kms with the ExtraWheel, but we decided that we wanted to keep the trailer to use it at a later date on a solo-bike, so at that point we removed most of the weight from it and carried on with a near empty trailer again.

The trailer is now back in the UK, sitting in a box in a garage and at some point in the future we will try it again behind a solo bike and see how it behaves then, but at this point in time we have no idea when that might be.

Meanwhile we have completed over 25,kms with the Bob and never once has it wobbled on any type of surface or at any speed, regardless of the load in it, or how the trailer is packed.

While the wobble experienced with the ExtraWheel may have been induced by the nature of our tandem, the same has never occured with the Bob.

It figures then that if the ExtraWheel came with a much stronger or even rigid fork, the wobble and resonance of the wobble, would not occur.

The failure of the ExtraWheel was a major disappointment for us. The Bob trailer has its downsides as well — it is heavy and bulky which both make it a pain to fly with, but at the end of the day, as a trailer, it works brilliantly.

As for our tandem, we love it! Thank you very much for this detailed reply. I will ask my past customers if they experienced anything like this and try to determine what causes it.

In regards to your question if being too tight can cause wobble too: The answer is yes. Wobble is an alternating effect.

Basically a visible vibration. Thanks for your post on the Extrawheel. That said I appreciate you sharing your experiences as sometimes these things simply do not work for all concerned.

I do hope you get a solution and the trailer works for you on other bikes. Thanks for dropping by on our blog Andrew — hope your own travels are going well.

I will use the ExtraWheel one day on a solo to see how it works out, but for now, the BOB-YAK trailer on the back of the tandem, continues to work perfectly.

I have been using a BoB Yak for years. The pros far outweigh the cons in imho…….. This makes the Voyager a leader in class when used off-road and on more technical surfaces.

In addition to the above, the Voyager also acts as a spare wheel for your bicycle. A buckled wheel will work a lot better in the trailer than it will on your bicycle!

Another feature of the Voyager is that putting the load through an external trailer rather than the rear of your bike frame will help to extend the life of the bike itself.

Usually, racing bikes do not have the necessary eyelets for a pannier rack. The Voyager is a way round this, as you can fit the trailer to a road bike.

This means you can ride your lightweight racing bike and carry luggage too! The integrated rack on the Voyager can take various panniers from different manufacturers.

The selection of Crosso bags on our site are tried and tested and work very well. You can add the Extrawheel top rack to the Voyager to enable some extra packing on top of the trailer.

Here you could pack a tent or sleeping bag.

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Touren auf dem Europaradweg R1. Und das zu einem Preis von ,- Euro. Die schlanke Deichsel ist ein echter Clou: Im Preis sind Extraachse und ein Achs-Kupplungmutterset enthalten. Sie vermissen die letzten News? Einen Wunschreifen realisiert die Firma jederzeit unbürokratisch. Nur , wohin mit all den Sachen?

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Mehr Infos unter www. Radelgenuss im Kitzinger Land. Aber bei einer Acht , einem Speichenbruch oder ähnlichen Schlamasseln kann man schnell das Laufrad tauschen und zumindest bis zur nächsten Werkstatt weiterfahren. Selbst Befürchtungen , mit den Taschen an Pollern hängen zu bleiben , sind unbegründet. Der Austausch des beschädigten Rads gegen das Anhängerrad — das weniger belastet ist und mehr Freiraum hat — kann sich, insbesondere in entlegenen Orten, als eine rettende Lösung erweisen. Radtouren auf dem Subkontinent: Nur , wohin mit all den Sachen? I am not sure extrawheel we will end up taking it, but looking forward to new adventures with it. Email will not be published doubleu casino cheat online. It sounds logical in the long-term. Lotto.de ergebnise for our tandem, we love it! They seem to have left this important fact out of the specs. Poul Hansen Saturday 17th January at Casino fantasia royal bogota wee outing Featured April 29, After bundesliga live ticker deutsch about the frame problems you have had I think we will stick with the Ventana, and 3 kingdoms - battle for red cliffs casino never get tempted to buy an aluminum bike, but may consider a stronger trailer. Did you try to adjust the fork tension? We paid particular attention to loading and even blamed the ping-pong ball for overloading one side -haha. The 3rd Extrawheel is now back in the UK and we intend to use it one day in the future behind a solo bike online games test see online casino games with paysafecard it does then. We travelled a further kms with the ExtraWheel, but we decided that we wanted to keep the trailer to use it at a later date on a solo-bike, so at that point extrawheel removed most of the weight from it and carried on with a near empty trailer again. Was mir schon aufgefallen ist. I am interested to hear your Lotto.de ergebnise experiences. D, A, CH Reisevorbereitung:

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Schöne Feiertage und alles Gute für ! Like us on Facebook. Aber bei einer Acht , einem Speichenbruch oder ähnlichen Schlamasseln kann man schnell das Laufrad tauschen und zumindest bis zur nächsten Werkstatt weiterfahren. Die Ankupplung ans Zug-Fahrrad erfolgt blitzschnell und erweist sich als superfest — obwohl die Gabelenden nur rechts und links auf die Achs-Überstände eingeschnappt werden. Die Praxis Mit 5,2 Kilo wiegt unser Testmodell fast so viel wie ein sehr leichtes Rennrad , aber das macht sich nicht bemerkbar. Im Preis sind Extraachse und ein Achs-Kupplungmutterset enthalten. Für Räder mit Nabengetriebe gibt es einen aufschraubbaren Befestigungssatz, deren Muttern die entsprechenden Überstände besitzen.